Here is a brief sampling of videos from our extensive R&D cycle

At Jetoptera, we are hardcore engineers who like to work with data from testing, revision, then more testing... Our passion is designing and building integrated propulsors and aircraft, using our proven Fluidic Propulsive System™ and novel airframes.

Our vision is the pursuit of a more fine-grained and mutually beneficial integration of the propulsor with the airframe. Aircraft traditionally consist of two major component systems bolted together. This lacks elegance and, more importantly, efficiency. Our vision is different. Some might say disruptive. Our unique propulsor enables us to augment thrust and lift at the same time. We can also produce thrust in non-round shapes, which enables a tighter integration of propulsor and lift-generating surfaces.

The brief selection of videos on this page outlines our journey. The FPS™ and airframe development story began in a garage in Ohio in 2015 and led to tests and flights all over the US and Europe. Some of these flights are world firsts. Our awarded patents are further testimony to the original work conducted. The two paths of development of the airframe and the FPS™ interweave at times, as milestones are reached. We are excited about the upcoming development of the largest so far FPS™ powered VTOL aircraft. We expect it to be the quietest and safest VTOL aircraft ever built.