Freedom Flight Works Awards Subcontract to Jetoptera to support US Army Phase II SBIR Contract

Jetoptera has been awarded a new Phase II SBIR sub-contract by Freedom Flight Works, Inc. to collaborate in the development of a special mission variant of their Fluidic Propulsion System (FPS™) for reduced signature autonomous vehicles. This project is a follow-on to Department of Defense, Army Phase I SBIR and Phase I Option sub-contracts awarded previously to advance research, provide equipment, and adapt Jetoptera's patented Fluidic Propulsive System (FPS™) to demanding military applications.

This new 24-month program will flight demonstrate a Powered Parafoil Fluidic Propulsive System (PP-FPS) to enhance and greatly expand the capabilities of the Joint Precision Airdrop Delivery System (JPADS) program. The PP-FPS will be powered by an innovative thermally recuperated turbocompressor. “Similar propulsive systems are part of Jetoptera’s technology roadmap and planned for deployment on future platforms for both unmanned and manned applications,” said Dr. Andrei Evulet, CEO of Jetoptera. “Thermally recuperated gas turbines can reduce the Specific Fuel Consumption by up to 30% compared to equivalent unrecuperated systems, suggesting unprecedentedly low fuel consumption.”

“We believe that the FPS™ technology developed by the team at Jetoptera opens up new and profound possibilities for signature reduction, reliability, safety, and efficiency in aviation propulsion. We are enthusiastic about working with Dr. Evulet and his team to apply and demonstrate those advantages our unique application.” commented Austin Blue, CEO of Freedom Flight Works, Inc.

Under the previous stage (Phase I) of this program, advanced acoustic measurement methods demonstrated that Jetoptera’s FPS™ emits up to 15 dBA lower Overall Sound Pressure Level (OASPL) output compared to a propeller, based on equivalent power and before application of any additional noise mitigation technologies. Acoustic treatment increased the FPS™ advantage to more than 25 dBA OASPL over the bladed system.

Jetoptera thanks Freedom Flight Works, Inc., who made this program possible. We look forward to collaborating on our unique combination of technologies.

About Jetoptera

Jetoptera’s vision is to create a world where aerial mobility is commonplace for both cargo and people. We have developed a unique propulsion system integrated with a novel airframe. This allows us to create lighter, more efficient, and less complex aircraft. Our technology enables vertical and short takeoff and landing (V/STOL), high speeds, sizable payloads and range, and maneuverability.

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