J55 Maiden Flight

The J55, a sub-55 pound UAS, made its maiden flight on January 14th. The J55 is the first product in Jetoptera’s development of unique unmanned and manned aircraft, and this model is capable of VTOL as well as cruising speeds over 200 mph.

The maiden flight took off with under 100 feet of runway and performed several laps complete with aggressive turns and rates of climb. This flight confirmed the airworthiness of the newly designed composite fuselage, which will be utilized on production models starting mid-2018.

J55 specifications:

  • Top speed: 300 mph
  • Cruising speed: 250 mph
  • Max range: 40 miles
  • Max flight time: 13 minutes
  • Payload: 5 pounds
  • VTOL type: Tail-sitter

Jetoptera is scheduled to test extensively the full capabilities of the J55 in the next two months, including VTOL and hovering maneuvers. Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates and videos of Jetoptera’s product line.