Jetoptera accelerates after successful AUVSI Xponential showing

Company introduces revolutionary technology in leading trade show

Jetoptera, Inc. introduced its revolutionary fluidic propulsion technology and aircraft at the AUVSI Xponential trade show in Denver, CO, at the beginning of May.  As part of the trade show, the company was also one of five to be selected for the Startup Showdown and garnered attention from potential investors, partners, and customers.

“Our aircraft, ranging from the Jetoptera 55 on display to the pictures and videos of the Jetoptera 2000, captured the imagination of the public.  We had a steady stream of visitors for the entire duration of the show. The most common reaction was ‘That is really cool!’” said Jetoptera CEO Denis Dancanet.

At the expo, Jetoptera presented the smallest product in its planned suite of aircraft, the J-55, which was introduced earlier this year in both a Part 107 commercial version and a more performant version for government customers and those who can operate under FAA exemptions.

The J-55 uses turbojets instead of fluidic propulsion to remain under the 55 lb limit for part 107.  The model still offers many of the benefits of Jetoptera’s forthcoming larger aircraft. In particular, it is capable of high speed, payloads of 5-15 lbs in Vertical Take off and Landing (VTOL) mode or up to 50 lbs for short takeoff in non-part 107 use, and a range of 50 miles in VTOL mode or up to 100 miles otherwise.

“There are many applications for which we are the only game in town” said Jetoptera CTO Dr. Andrei Evulet.  “If one needs to fly 50 miles at high speed and do VTOL, whether for emergency, inspections, or logistics, there are not a whole lot of other options.”

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About Jetoptera

Jetoptera is developing powerful UAVs and realistic flying cars to revolutionize transportation. Our distributed propulsion system and novel airframe create a lighter, more efficient, less complex aircraft than previous models. Our technology enables vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), high speeds, sizable payloads and range, and maneuverability.

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