Software Engineer, Controls and Autonomy

Edmonds, WA / Full-time

About Jetoptera

Jetoptera is an aviation startup developing powerful UAVs and realistic flying cars to revolutionize the way we transport products and people. We have developed a distributed propulsion system and novel airframe to create an aircraft that is more efficient, lighter, and less complex than previous models. This design enables a host of unique abilities, including vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), high speeds up to 200 mph, significant payloads and range, and maneuverability.

We are a small team operating in an exciting and complex space where the sky is literally the limit. We are based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Seattle, on the shores of the Puget Sound. We are looking for exceptional candidates who will thrive in our environment of rigorous scientific inquiry and collaboration and help make our vision of useful UAVs and actual flying cars a reality.

Job description: Software Engineer, Controls and Autonomy

Using both industry standard and out of the box approaches you will use a piloted sUAS flight dynamics database and appropriate techniques to define a unique control algorithm applicable to Jetoptera's products. These aircraft control techniques will include maneuverability, attitude control and change techniques, sensor integration and feedback, telemetry and backup algorithms necessary to VTOL, hover, deliver packages, etc., with the aircraft experiencing various scenarios, missions and situations in full autonomous flight. The parameters used in designing the control system of the aircraft will include throttle of the propulsion system, its vectoring, as well as more conventional control surfaces, trimming etc. MATLAB or similar experience and proof of robotics skills required.

Demonstrated aerospace engineering and controls experience is highly desired, including flight dynamics control and hands on experience with aircraft models as well as autonomy and sensor based design.

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