Jetoptera News

Jetoptera demonstrates hovering with Fluidic Propulsion System™
Date October 9, 2018
Jetoptera has successfully demonstrated hovering of an aircraft equipped with our Fluidic Propulsion System™ (FPS). The tethered tests of vertical takeoff and hovering were done using our 50 kg (110 lbs) platform.
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GE Aviation and Jetoptera join forces
 on Fluidic Propulsion System™ technology demonstrator
Date September 19, 2018
Jetoptera and GE Aviation have agreed to jointly demonstrate a 500-pound-force (lbf) class Fluidic Propulsion System leveraging a gas generator based on GE Aviation’s H-Series turboprop engine. This is the first step towards a fully customized gas generator which will lead to a Jetoptera 500 VTOL full flight demonstrator.
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Jetoptera commences VTOL test campaign
Date September 17, 2018
Aim is to demonstrate VTOL and hover flight for the Fluidic Propulsion System
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Jetoptera signs Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with US Navy
Date August 13, 2018
Jetoptera and Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) - Crane Division have signed a CRADA, allowing research and development teams from both organizations to collaborate to extend advanced unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technologies.
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Jetoptera advances testing campaign for its unique airframe, proves maneuverability and key capabilities
Date July 22, 2018
Jetoptera demonstrated the maneuverability and capabilities of its J-55 Part 107 version, the inaugural model in the company’s planned suite of aircraft. The latest round of testing included vertical takeoff tests in tethered configuration, as well as hovering in free flight.
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Jetoptera’s recent tests demonstrate wing-borne propulsion capabilities
Date July 5, 2018
Jetoptera announces the successful completion of an initial phase of flight testing of its Fluidic Propulsion System™ (FPS™) on a glider-based test bed.  The test flights successfully operated the FPS™ at various speeds, attitudes and rates of climb in wing-borne deployment.
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Jetoptera, UAVenture Achieve Successful Autopilot Testing, Launch Partnership
Date June 1, 2018
Jetoptera, Inc. and UAVenture realized the first successful demonstration of autopilot capabilities deployed on Jetoptera’s proprietary, unique airframe system.
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Jetoptera accelerates after successful AUVSI Xponential showing
Date May 18, 2018
Jetoptera, Inc. introduced its revolutionary fluidic propulsion technology and aircraft at the AUVSI Xponential trade show in Denver, CO, at the beginning of May.
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Introducing the J2000 Flying Car
Date May 1, 2018
Here is our vision for the commute of the near future: sleek, compact, and faster than a race car.
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Fluidic propulsion™ takes off
Date Apr 26, 2018
Jetoptera, Inc. completed its first flight testing with a representative version of its proprietary and revolutionary Fluidic Propulsion System in a conventional take off configuration.  The test is a world premiere for technology of this nature.
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J55 Flight Testing
Date Apr 16, 2018
Jetoptera’s J55 model recently completed detailed airframe and propulsion qualification flight testing in a crucial step toward developing more powerful UAVs.
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Jetoptera earns finalist slot at AUVSI Xponential 2018 Startup Showdown
Date Mar 19, 2018
Jetoptera, an aviation startup headquartered in Seattle, WA, has been selected as one of five finalists at the AUVSI Xponential 2018 Startup Showdown. The company will present Jetoptera and compete for the grand prize in Denver, Co at the AUVSI Xponential 2018 on May 2.
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J55 Maiden Flight
Date Jan 14, 2018
The J55, a sub-55 pound UAS, made its maiden flight on January 14th. The J55 is the first product in Jetoptera’s development of unique unmanned and manned aircraft, and this model is capable of VTOL as well as cruising speeds over 200 mph.
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